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The Poodle Place

Laraine Giroir 2032 West Main St Schriever Louisiana 70395 USA Cell: 985-855-3903 Email: legiroir@aol.com


The Poodle Place
Deposits accepted through Zelle with no fees attached. Include the following information in your Zelle deposit: 1. Phone number 2. Puppy breed 3. Puppy preferances Ex: male/female, color, size 4. If deposit is coming from a name other than yours, please include name for deposit. **Please Text me at 985-855-3903 once your Deposit is sent so I can confirm receipt. The deposit is $200 and by sending a Zelle deposit you are accepting the terms of the contract. A deposit is transferable but non-refundable. Send Deposit to 985-855-3903